One of the best and worst products on the market is a polyurethane based bonding agent called "Gorilla Glue."  This stuff is amazing for several reasons!  First, it's able to hold anything together.  I used it to put together a hand rail that is bent down a staircase.  I've used it to repair chairs that have split in two.  I even watched my father-in-law use it to glue a large rock that had previously been used as a step, but now is broken in half.  Like I said, it's amazing stuff!

I also despise the product because I usually forget to put on gloves before applying this product.  What inevitably happens is that the glue gets on my hands.  Now, Gorilla Glue is not instantaneous, like Super Glue.  The problem is that about 2 hours after using the product, it ends up staining my hands, proving to the whole world that I broke something and now I'm trying to repair it.

Isn't that a lot like our lives?  We do something that hurts us or our relationship with God or others, and then we try to repair it.  What happens is that in our efforts to fix what was broken, we end up stained in the process.  It becomes evident that we messed up and we need something to either cover up the stain, or something stronger than itself to remove it.

Jesus says that he is the great stain remover.  Can that be true?  Come this week to discover why Jesus is The Messiah!

See you Sunday!

~Pastor Jesse