"Here they come!"

This is something my kids exclaim when our expected guests are within eyesight.  Screaming, proceeded by running outside to be the first to greet our guests at the entrance of our driveway.

Before the anticipated visitors arrive, we usually have some work to do: pick up the house, prepare the coffee so it's ready at any moment, wash off the table so nobody puts their elbow in peanut butter or shredded cheese (they don't call me "Messy Jesse" for nothin!).  We've accomplished our goal; preparing for our guests!

This is kind of like what we ought to be doing as we anticipate the second coming of the King!  He's coming back and is looking to take as many people back with Him as will receive Him!  Are you ready?

You may say "yes" to this statement, but there are peoples around the world who have never heard about Jesus or his imminent return.  How can they be prepared for something they never knew was coming?  How can they know Someone is coming unless they are told?  How can they be told unless someone is sent (Romans 10:14-15)?

Over the next few weeks, we will discover how God is at work around the world through the work of the average, normal, everyday people.  Just. Like. You.  Just think, when we support the work of God around the world, we are directly involved in another person saying, "Here HE comes!"  

See you Sunday!

~ Pastor Jesse