Eight years ago, we were living in a very small town in Minnesota. I had just had our fourth child and with four kids under the age of 6 years old, I’d jump at any chance to get out of the house. We were only four blocks from the park, the grocery store and the little convenience shop. Since it was no small feat to pile everyone into the van, we’d often just walk.

But we were quite a sight on our little excursions! I’d have little baby Levi in the stroller leading the way with our three little girls following me like ducklings—complete with their own babies in their own strollers, like a small parade with no candy.

So there we were, walking single file down Main Street, the one behind running over the heels of the one in front of them. Pretend babies and real babies crying, laughing, screaming, pointing, throwing blankets on the sidewalk and so on. People would stop and laugh and even comment at the cuteness and insanity of the whole scenario.  

These same girls are still mimicking me, they are my little groupies, my biggest fans, my constant students. I see them moving from copying what I am doing, to who I am being. They wear my shoes, borrow my make up and use the same words I do.

Are we following Jesus this closely? Are we running into His heels? Are we close enough to Him to be wearing His shoes and using His words? Join us this Sunday as we explore and discuss more about Jesus’ last words and commands to be like Him.