That's Not Fair!

The other day I was at home with my family when one of my kids decided to start a game called "write on dad with a pen."  They were determined to mark up my body with blue ink.  It didn't seem to matter where, but a victory would be if it was on my face.  

With pen in hand, they came at me with a vengeance!  I can see that their Taekwando is working!  I'm still stronger and faster!  I managed to pry the writing weapon away from them, grappled their hands, and left a nice little circle on their cheek.  I won, although they never gave in.

"Now, you need to let me write on your face!" my child exclaimed. 

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, it's not fair!"

We've all been there.  Feeling as though we've been mistreated and we didn't get our way.  Some people act like the child in the grocery store wanting a donut or a light up pen.  Still others shut down as to not be mistreated yet again.

You see, Jesus never told us that our walk with Him would seem fair.  He actually told us that it would be quite the opposite!

Sunday we will explore the reality of being a Christ follower as we anticipate His return!

See you Sunday!


~ Pastor Jesse