It usually starts with something mundane or occasionally something funny. It always catches me off guard and starts deep in my being.  I can feel it travel around my heart and up my to my voice box as it starts to shake my vocal cords. Then it comes bursting out in unpredictable, uneven gasps, chortles, snorts and tears. My family calls it the “hyper giggles”.

I absolutely cannot control it and it goes on as long as it likes and ends on its own will. My sister and mother also “suffer” from this phenomenon. If the three of us “catch” it at the same time, it can be quite amusing to those around us.  Sometimes its embarrassing, but it feels so good, like a soul massage.

What is it?  Laughter. It truly is the best medicine. Like when one of our dear friends was diagnosed with kidney cancer. We made him a get well card spelled out of kidney beans. We all laughed. We watched a hilarious comedian and he laughed until his stitches started to bleed. It was needed.

Laughter is great.

So, what does this have to do with church?  Find out for yourself this Sunday as Pastor Jesse wraps up our series called “Healthy Church”!

~Angie Doughty