When I was a kid, I lived about 3 blocks from Moor Park in Coon Rapids, MN.  I went there often to play on the jungle gym, play ice hockey, hit golf balls, played baseball, and even flew kites!  There was one thing that scared me about this park... the sign.

The sign read "Park closed after dark."  I was a kid who didn't break the rules.  If the park was closed, I wasn't going to find out what happens if I ended up there after sunset.  I was good with following the rules.  I didn't break many of them.  I appreciated having boundaries set for me.  It kept me in good graces with my parents and out of trouble. 

That's the benefit of boundaries.  They allow good things in and bad things out.  These boundaries are easy to follow when they are clearly posted, but not so easy when they come to our personal lives.  

Some of us feel as though others have stepped beyond the borders of our heart.  They are now wreaking havoc on our mind and emotions and we can't figure out why they are doing that!

Some of us are finding temptations are so great that we have succumbed to them.  They are like the mice running across the floor: too numerous to count and to difficult to get them all.

So, what do we do about it?  How can we possibly recover?

Come this week to Cornerstone and you will discover what God's Word has to say about boundaries and what we ought to do with what we've learned.

See you Sunday!

~ Pastor Jesse