Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue

One of the best and worst products on the market is a polyurethane based bonding agent called "Gorilla Glue."  This stuff is amazing for several reasons!  First, it's able to hold anything together.  I used it to put together a hand rail that is bent down a staircase.  I've used it to repair chairs that have split in two.  I even watched my father-in-law use it to glue a large rock that had previously been used as a step, but now is broken in half.  Like I said, it's amazing stuff!

I also despise the product because I usually forget to put on gloves before applying this product.  What inevitably happens is that the glue gets on my hands.  Now, Gorilla Glue is not instantaneous, like Super Glue.  The problem is that about 2 hours after using the product, it ends up staining my hands, proving to the whole world that I broke something and now I'm trying to repair it.

Isn't that a lot like our lives?  We do something that hurts us or our relationship with God or others, and then we try to repair it.  What happens is that in our efforts to fix what was broken, we end up stained in the process.  It becomes evident that we messed up and we need something to either cover up the stain, or something stronger than itself to remove it.

Jesus says that he is the great stain remover.  Can that be true?  Come this week to discover why Jesus is The Messiah!

See you Sunday!

~Pastor Jesse

Cinnamon Rolls!

Cinnamon Rolls!

I've always wanted to be able to make good cinnamon rolls.  Last year, my oldest daughter and I were determined to accomplish this task.  We followed each instruction to the letter, put the potential goodness into the magical food kiln, then we waited...

We could smell the cinnamon in the air.  Our stomachs started to rumble at the thought of drizzling the top of these pastries with sweet goodness, fresh out of the oven.  We set the timer and waited...and waited...and waited.  We waited until what seemed like forever, when the buzzer finally broke the sound of our hungry stomachs.

After pulling the pan out of the oven, we pulled apart these glorious looking baked goods.  the first bite on the fork brought with it a smell of cinnamon that reminded me of Christmas.  I put the bite in my mouth, and was incredibly disappointed.  It was heavy and dense.  It tasted nothing like the name it was given.  What I anticipated to be a beautiful dance on my tastebuds became a disappointment and an extra pound in the garbage.

We decided to try it again this year.  I don't give up easily!  We followed the instructions to a "t"!  Again, the smell was wonderful, it looked quite pleasing to the eye, and we hoped we would get a different result this time around.  We pulled the rolls out of the oven and noticed how glorious they looked!  Sure enough!! We took one bite and were amazed at the wonderful flavor that came from them!  There was no way these were going into the garbage!  Finally, what we anticipated became a reality!  We loved them so much that we decided to make another batch the next day!

The Israelites were anticipating something great and wonderful to come; the Messiah!  They had high hopes to be freed from the bondage that they were under.  They were anticipating freedom.  In. walked. Jesus.  They wondered, "Is this man REALLY the Messiah?"  

Come to Cornerstone on Sunday and we will be looking at another example of why Jesus is the Messiah and what that means for us today!

See you Sunday!

~Pastor Jesse

That's Not Fair!

That's Not Fair!

That's Not Fair!

The other day I was at home with my family when one of my kids decided to start a game called "write on dad with a pen."  They were determined to mark up my body with blue ink.  It didn't seem to matter where, but a victory would be if it was on my face.  

With pen in hand, they came at me with a vengeance!  I can see that their Taekwando is working!  I'm still stronger and faster!  I managed to pry the writing weapon away from them, grappled their hands, and left a nice little circle on their cheek.  I won, although they never gave in.

"Now, you need to let me write on your face!" my child exclaimed. 

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, it's not fair!"

We've all been there.  Feeling as though we've been mistreated and we didn't get our way.  Some people act like the child in the grocery store wanting a donut or a light up pen.  Still others shut down as to not be mistreated yet again.

You see, Jesus never told us that our walk with Him would seem fair.  He actually told us that it would be quite the opposite!

Sunday we will explore the reality of being a Christ follower as we anticipate His return!

See you Sunday!


~ Pastor Jesse

Winsted, MN by Angie Doughty

Winsted, MN by Angie Doughty

Eight years ago, we were living in a very small town in Minnesota. I had just had our fourth child and with four kids under the age of 6 years old, I’d jump at any chance to get out of the house. We were only four blocks from the park, the grocery store and the little convenience shop. Since it was no small feat to pile everyone into the van, we’d often just walk.

But we were quite a sight on our little excursions! I’d have little baby Levi in the stroller leading the way with our three little girls following me like ducklings—complete with their own babies in their own strollers, like a small parade with no candy.

So there we were, walking single file down Main Street, the one behind running over the heels of the one in front of them. Pretend babies and real babies crying, laughing, screaming, pointing, throwing blankets on the sidewalk and so on. People would stop and laugh and even comment at the cuteness and insanity of the whole scenario.  

These same girls are still mimicking me, they are my little groupies, my biggest fans, my constant students. I see them moving from copying what I am doing, to who I am being. They wear my shoes, borrow my make up and use the same words I do.

Are we following Jesus this closely? Are we running into His heels? Are we close enough to Him to be wearing His shoes and using His words? Join us this Sunday as we explore and discuss more about Jesus’ last words and commands to be like Him.


Prepare the way!

Prepare the way!

"Here they come!"

This is something my kids exclaim when our expected guests are within eyesight.  Screaming, proceeded by running outside to be the first to greet our guests at the entrance of our driveway.

Before the anticipated visitors arrive, we usually have some work to do: pick up the house, prepare the coffee so it's ready at any moment, wash off the table so nobody puts their elbow in peanut butter or shredded cheese (they don't call me "Messy Jesse" for nothin!).  We've accomplished our goal; preparing for our guests!

This is kind of like what we ought to be doing as we anticipate the second coming of the King!  He's coming back and is looking to take as many people back with Him as will receive Him!  Are you ready?

You may say "yes" to this statement, but there are peoples around the world who have never heard about Jesus or his imminent return.  How can they be prepared for something they never knew was coming?  How can they know Someone is coming unless they are told?  How can they be told unless someone is sent (Romans 10:14-15)?

Over the next few weeks, we will discover how God is at work around the world through the work of the average, normal, everyday people.  Just. Like. You.  Just think, when we support the work of God around the world, we are directly involved in another person saying, "Here HE comes!"  

See you Sunday!

~ Pastor Jesse

Boundaries with others...


I felt used.  The quickly brewed black gold that flows from my Keurig magnetized this person to my office like a moth to the flame.  It started once every couple weeks.  Then grew to weekly visits.  Soon, it became multiple times per week.  I was quickly being overwhelmed with unscheduled meetings and becoming torn with what to do about it.

When this person would stop by, it was usually a two hour conversation that ended with me in more confusion than anything.  I wanted so badly to point this person to Jesus, which gave me the patience to endure through this challenge.  Eventually, I knew I had to set some boundaries because I didn't want to be used for a free cup of coffee, on top of an already busy schedule, which meant I couldn't dedicate that amount of time several days per week with them.

I knew that cutting them off completely wouldn't be Christ-like, but I also knew that something needed to change.  So, I created some boundaries.  Here's what I told them:  

I'd be happy to give you two cups of free coffee per week!  I am expecting two things from you in order to get the coffee.  First, come worship at church with the church family and you can get as much coffee with everyone else after the service has ended.  Second, I'd love to disciple you and give you a cup of coffee at our meeting... it's as simple as setting up a time that works for both of us and holding to the appointment.

Doesn't sound too difficult, right?  Well, as it ended up, this person didn't follow through with either expectation and have not been getting the free coffee they deemed they needed.  I've needed to hold this boundary a couple times when they would randomly stop by to discuss things with me.  I reminded them of the previously set boundary even though they walked away unhappy because I held the line.

Can you think of someone in your life that needs clear established boundaries set between you and them?  Are you nervous of what the consequences might be if you follow through with the boundary?

This week, we will be looking into why we must set boundaries with others and how we can do so in a God honoring way.

See you Sunday!

~Pastor Jesse

Dan and Carol Mitchell update

Here's a picture of the group of coworkers who came to Dan and Carol Mitchell's apartment to hear the salvation story of Dr. Andy, who works on the Mercy Ship.


No Trespassing!

When I was a kid, I lived about 3 blocks from Moor Park in Coon Rapids, MN.  I went there often to play on the jungle gym, play ice hockey, hit golf balls, played baseball, and even flew kites!  There was one thing that scared me about this park... the sign.

The sign read "Park closed after dark."  I was a kid who didn't break the rules.  If the park was closed, I wasn't going to find out what happens if I ended up there after sunset.  I was good with following the rules.  I didn't break many of them.  I appreciated having boundaries set for me.  It kept me in good graces with my parents and out of trouble. 

That's the benefit of boundaries.  They allow good things in and bad things out.  These boundaries are easy to follow when they are clearly posted, but not so easy when they come to our personal lives.  

Some of us feel as though others have stepped beyond the borders of our heart.  They are now wreaking havoc on our mind and emotions and we can't figure out why they are doing that!

Some of us are finding temptations are so great that we have succumbed to them.  They are like the mice running across the floor: too numerous to count and to difficult to get them all.

So, what do we do about it?  How can we possibly recover?

Come this week to Cornerstone and you will discover what God's Word has to say about boundaries and what we ought to do with what we've learned.

See you Sunday!

~ Pastor Jesse

Do you have "it"?

It usually starts with something mundane or occasionally something funny. It always catches me off guard and starts deep in my being.  I can feel it travel around my heart and up my to my voice box as it starts to shake my vocal cords. Then it comes bursting out in unpredictable, uneven gasps, chortles, snorts and tears. My family calls it the “hyper giggles”.

I absolutely cannot control it and it goes on as long as it likes and ends on its own will. My sister and mother also “suffer” from this phenomenon. If the three of us “catch” it at the same time, it can be quite amusing to those around us.  Sometimes its embarrassing, but it feels so good, like a soul massage.

What is it?  Laughter. It truly is the best medicine. Like when one of our dear friends was diagnosed with kidney cancer. We made him a get well card spelled out of kidney beans. We all laughed. We watched a hilarious comedian and he laughed until his stitches started to bleed. It was needed.

Laughter is great.

So, what does this have to do with church?  Find out for yourself this Sunday as Pastor Jesse wraps up our series called “Healthy Church”!

~Angie Doughty